Load Shedding

Monday, February 11, 2019

Dear Techfish User,

Eskom has today (11 February 2019) announced load shedding, this time they say it will be here to stay until April 2019.

Our network is affected by load shedding, and you won’t have any access during periods of load shedding. 

When the power returns to your area, it might still be out in another area that we are in and that supplies your building with Internet Access. 

Load shedding is outside our control. 

Further to power being restored, the network has restarted and it takes some time for everyone’s devices and routers to log back into the network. The network also does various checks to make sure it recovered correctly from the outage. 

Be patient while the network restores. 

If there is damage caused by the return of power from load shedding or any outage of other kind, we will at soonest try and replace / repair equipment and keep you updated. 

We cannot respond to all support requests around load shedding, if after a few hours you still have issue, please contact us then.

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