How do I top-up my data?

You can top-up your Capped account data by following these steps:

STEP 1: Login to MyTechfish at this link:

Login Page

STEP 2: Hover your mouse over the "Service" button on the top menu and choose "View Available Addons"

STEP 3:  Choose the top-up you would like to add to your service and click on the Green "Order Now" button

STEP 4:  If you happy with your selection, click on the Green "Checkout" button

STEP 4: The final page is where you will confirm your details, payment method and terms and conditions. Click the Blue "Complete Order" button to complete your top-up order. 

Things to Remember about top-ups: 

  • Top-ups are only valid for use within the same month you purchased them in. They do not roll over to the new month.
  • Top-ups are only for Capped Data accounts.
  • If you use PayFast to make payment for your top-up order, the top-up will be loaded immediately. 
  • If you choose to pay by Bank Transfer or Cash at FNB ATM, the payment will only be allocated during office hours and then the top-up will only be loaded
  • TIP: Make sure your Techfish account is in Credit (have money in your Techfish account at all times), then any top-ups order your place will be activated immediately as we already have the money.
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